Shanghai Ocean University
Undergraduate Degree Programs
Cuitivating Objective

Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU) offers 4-year study of Bachelor Degree Programs for International students. With 39professional disciplines in ten colleges (not including directions). Students can choose from their favorite specialties and disciplines according to their own requirements, and get a bachelor degree after graduation.

To meet the diverse needs of its International students, SHOU adjusted the curriculum of 2 popular majors (Food Science & Engineering, International Economy & Trade) allowing those who has no background in Chinese to complete these Bachelor Degree Programs within a 4-year period. In their first academic year, students will be immersed in intensive Chinese study, and over the following 3 years will focus primarily on their major specific academic courses.



AIEN Institute

(Taught in English)


Information Management & Information Systems

College of Fisheries and Life Science


Aquarium Science and Technology

Biological Science


Aquatic Animal Medicine

College of Marine Science

Marine Fishery Science and Technology

Marine Science

Marine Technology

Marine Resources and Environment

College of Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Engineering

Energy and Power Engineering

Food Quality and Safety

Packaging Engineering

Built Environment and Energy Engineering


College of Economics and Management

Agricultural Economics and Management




International Economics and Trade

Logistics Management

Business Administration

College of Information Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Spatial Information and Digital Technology

Information and Computing Science

Software Engineering

College of Engineering Science and Technology

Marine Design Manufacturing and Automation

Industrial Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Logistics Engineering

College of Marine Ecology and Environment

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

College of Marine Culture and Law

Social Work

Public Administration

College of Foreign Languages

English Language and Literature

Japanese Language and Literature

Korean Language and Literature

Food Science and Engineering 

The Food Science & Engineering major prepares students to become senior level technical personnel. Mastering the fundamental theoretical knowledge of chemistry, biology, food processing, food preservation, food engineering and food science, students acquire a wide range of skills necessary to competitive excellence in these fields. Upon graduation, students will be able to engage in scientific research, technical development, engineering design, production management, quality control, inspection and quarantine, educational teaching, and other aspects of food production and industry.

International Economics and Trade 

A major in International Economy & Trade prepares students to play a leading role in Chinese trade and investment activities throughout the global economy. Upon graduation, students will possess proficient Chinese language, computer skills, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese business culture, practices, and rules. Students will be able to engage in international trade, international investment, and work in related fields.

Biological Science

The major of biological science aims to train students to master the basic theories of Marine biology, the classification, evolution and development of Marine organisms and the basic knowledge of heredity. Students can master a series of skills required to pursue excellence in these fields.After graduation, students can be engaged in management, scientific research, teaching, service, trade and other related jobs.